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Antifoaming Agent
To help in reducing and eliminating the formation of foam while processing liquids in various industries, we are presenting a vast array of Anti-foaming agents. The agents help in eliminating the serious problems that the formation of foam can cause.

We have acquired immense acknowledgment in the international market for proposing an extreme assortment of industrial Thickeners. They are utilized for achieving the desired consistency of a liquid. They help to enhance the stability of a fluid.
Effluent Treatment Additive
Effluent Treatment Additives clean industrial effluents, contaminated water from rivers and lakes, and so on just in order to reuse the water for additional purposes. These additives are mostly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, tanneries, and chemicals. They are very much liked and used by people in the market. 
Anti Settling & Suspending Agent
From many years, we are working effectively and efficiently for providing our esteemed customers with the best quality range of Anti-settling Suspending Agents. They are used in a suspension for decreasing the rate of sedimentation of particles.

Anti Floating Agent
We have gained extreme goodwill in the overseas market for proposing an extensive ambit of Anti-floating Agents. They are used in different industries including food, fertilizers, explosives, paint, water treatment and others.
By giving a superlative variety of Preservatives to our clients, we have gained immense reputation in domestic as well as international market. They are made from supreme quality of materials using the ultra modern technology.
Speciality Additives
We are commercializing in a wide range of first class quality of Speciality Additives. They are widely in used in various industries like agricultural, food, automotive, cosmetics, textiles and manufacturing for diverse applications.
Wax and Wax Emulsions
At Harmony, we focus on providing our valuable clients with the best qualitative range of Wax and Wax Emulsions. The emulsions are a stabilized form of two or more waxes soluble in water. They are used for carrying out varied processes in various industries.

Additives for House Hold Products
We deal in a wide range of top grade standard Additives for Household Products. They are used in coatings, polishes and many other home care products. These additives are well known for their safe and effective utilization.
Defoamers are widely used in waste water processing, refinery processes, oil and fuel transportation, and so on. These have surface active properties. They can be used to recover immediately reusable process water, as well as extract fines and other materials. They are easy to apply and safe to use. 

Speciality Additive
Speciality Additive is widely known for its unique features like water repellence, anti-blocking, abrasion resistance, and highly durable. This system is widely used in varnishes, textile and leather treatments, polishes, paper and cardboard coatings. This system is very easy to use and safe too
Thickener & Anti-Settling Agent
Thickener & Anti-Settling Agent are great to use in chemical intermediates, fuels, and other products. They find wide application in agriculture, chemical manufacturing and construction sector. They are also used in paints inks and other solvents. These are very easy to use and apply.
Wetting & Dispersing Agent
Wetting & Dispersing Agent is clinically tested under different parameters to ensure its high quality. This agent is very easy to use and simple to maintain. This agent is very much used by our customers, in the market. This agent is very cost effective to use. 

In particular, we offer only raw material/chemical for phenyl production.
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